Sunday, October 25, 2009

So, This is the Power of Kudyapi of Distortion


Well, now I've reach level 55. I'm going to experiment using Kudyapi of Distortion now. See my stats before and after equipping this gear:

I'm choosing to boost attack power with my Kudyapi, with the consequent starpower (affected skill point) decrease greatly. It's current stats with 84% effective will give me:

  • Power Rating: 332.64
  • Starpower: 94.08
  • Atk Random: 211,68
  • Splash Atk (3): 57.96

Is it worthy? I think it's not right now. Just see the different of Power Rating between the gear: 336 vs 332. The Golden Axe is better at level 55. Maybe if I level up once more, Kudyapi is better than Golden Axe. But I will stick with my new Kudyapi from now on because it deal huge damage to the enemy.

The question about high level equipment later is:

  • What you after? Starpower or another stats (atk power, buff band, crowd boost, etc)?
  • What pro/cons about that?
See ya on next Rock'in Article...